Wondering if you should finally commit to the cosmetic dentistry treatments you’ve been considering? Answer yes or no to the questions below to find out if you are a good candidate for dentistry to improve your smile. Answering “yes” to just one of these questions means cosmetic dental treatments may be a good option for you.

When you Smile

  • Do you cover your mouth when you smile or laugh?
  • Do you smile only with your lips closed?
  • Do you hold yourself back from smiling and laughing because of the way you feel about your teeth?

Teeth Positioning

  • Are any of your teeth twisted or rotated?
  • Do you have gaps between any of your teeth?
  • Are there gaps left by missing teeth?
  • Are any of your teeth crooked?
  • Are any of your teeth slanting or tilting?
  • Are the lengths of your teeth uneven, with certain teeth too short or too long?

Appearance of the Enamel

  • Are your teeth stained, yellow or dingy?
  • Would you like whiter teeth?
  • Do any of your teeth have worn edges?
  • Are any of your teeth chipped?

Appearance of the Gums

  • Does too much of your gum tissue show when you smile?
  • Are your gums sore or tender?
  • Are your gums deep red and swollen?
  • Do your gums bleed easily?

If there is anything you want to change about your smile, cosmetically or otherwise, we encourage you to visit our dentists for an individualized assessment of your dental health and a personalized treatment plan.

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