As we age, our teeth naturally lose their luster. But what, exactly, causes this discoloration? There are many factors that cause teeth to tint. Fortunately, there are solutions that can bring back your bright white smile including teeth whitening.

Causes of Discoloration

Several factors can cause your smile to become dull. Some may be external or environmental influences, and others may be internal. Causes of discoloration may include:

  • Diet high in sugar and acid
  • Consuming foods or drinks that stain teeth (coffee, soda, wine, etc.)
  • Smoking
  • Excessive fluoride exposure
  • Tooth trauma
  • Genetic conditions
  • Age
  • Medical conditions such as diabetes

Whatever the cause may be, there are solutions that can help deliver the smile you want to achieve.

Teeth Whitening Solutions

Teeth whitening can help restore your pearly whites. There are different ways to go about ridding your smile of discoloration, including:

  • In-office treatments: This method can be quite powerful and is administered in the office. These treatments can whiten your smile up to 8 shades brighter in just one visit. Because of advanced technology, your results can last for years with minimal touch-ups.
  • At-home treatments: Our dentist may give you an at-home whitening treatment, which is still more powerful than over the counter options, such as whitening toothpastes, gels or strips. At-home treatment methods don’t deliver the same quality results as what can be achieved from professional whitening treatment. However, you can do it within the comfort of your own home and see gradual results.

To determine which procedure is right for you, our staff will meet with you in person to discuss your dental care goals. From there, we will work together to formulate a personalized treatment plan unique to your specific needs.

If you are in the Denver area and would like to discuss your teeth whitening options, give our office a call at (303) 566-4035 to schedule your consultation.

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