When you’re trying to decide the value of a cosmetic dentistry investment, you probably want to know how long the results will last. With the teeth whitening services provided by our experienced cosmetic dentists, you should continue to enjoy whiter, brighter teeth for a year or longer, especially if you avoid these things that stain your teeth:

These things will cause your teeth to start staining again. You can combat the effects of the staining foods and beverages by using a straw for your drink, and by rinsing or brushing 30 minutes after eating. Adding dairy milk to your coffee and tea is a good way to fight stains caused by those beverages. Casein is a protein present in milk, and it binds with the staining components of beverages, carrying the stainers away from your enamel.

You can also touch up your whitening results periodically with custom take-home whitening tray. You may also be able to maintain the results by using a whitening toothpaste, although these toothpastes tend to produce mixed results.

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