Teeth whitening cost is highly variable. Depending on what type of teeth whitening treatment you choose, the cost can range from about $45 – for grocery store kits – to several hundred dollars for the most advanced whitening technologies. The cost of whitening performed by a dental professional may be influenced by:

  • Where you live
  • The product used
  • The dentist’s experience and qualifications

At DeWitt Dental Associates in Cherry Creek, we offer in-office teeth whitening and a custom take-home kits. These treatments can complement one another or be used separately. During your consultation at our dentistry practice, we’ll provide you a quote for the cost of your chosen teeth whitening treatment, and explain your options for payment. While teeth whitening is considered purely cosmetic and not typically covered by dental insurance policies, financing options are available at our practice. Through CareCredit, you can apply for certain loan plans accepted by DeWitt Dental Associates. We’ll show you how to complete CareCredit’s simple application process.

To schedule a consultation with one of the experienced dentists to discuss our Cherry Creek teeth whitening services, please call DeWitt Dental Associates at 303-321-5656.

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