Implant Restoration Options

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At DeWitt Dental Associates, our cosmetic dentists offer the strongest, most attractive, and most effective restorations for dental implants. Which one is best for your needs will be dependent on factors unique to your smile. To learn which dental implant restoration option will best restore strength and beauty to your smile, call our Cherry Creek office at 303-321-5656 and schedule a consultation today.

Dental Implant Anatomy Infographic

Dental Crowns

The most common restoration for single implants is a dental crown. At DeWitt Dental Associates, we offer same day dental crowns created with CEREC technology. These crowns are milled on-site and carefully crafted to match adjacent teeth in shape, size, and color, enabling our dentists to plan, produce, and place a customized restoration during a single office visit. Significantly faster than crowns milled by an offsite third-party that has never actually seen your smile, same day dental crowns are also exceptionally strong and may last for several years when cared for properly.

Dental crowns can be used to restore a newly placed dental implant or as an emergency restoration following damage to one already in place. Because they are made in our office, we can quickly and effectively replace damaged restorations to help you get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Dental Bridge

Dental implants can be used to secure a dental bridge in cases where more than one tooth is missing. In these cases, a bridge is attached to a dental crown placed over an implant on one or both sides of a gap. If a natural tooth is available on one side, it may be covered by a crown as well to prevent damage to tooth enamel. This is something that will be determined before the bridge is placed.

Because we mill our crowns on-site, we can place dental bridges during a single visit. As with all of our CEREC crowns, these will look, feel, and function like natural teeth. They are cared for just like natural teeth as well. Floss morning and night. Brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste after every meal and snack. Further care instructions will be provided during your time our care. None of which are prohibitive or time consuming.


Dentures can be secured to the jaw using strategically placed dental implants. In patients missing an entire arch of teeth, this may be the fastest and most effective option. Implant supported dentures are more reliable than those secured with adhesives and may even help prevent issues such as jaw shrinkage that can accompany missing teeth.

When an entire arch of teeth is missing, dentures offer the most comprehensive restoration. Implant supported dentures are still removable, utilizing either a clip or ball-and-socket attachment, but they can be fixed as well in patients who would benefit more from that option. During your time in our care, we will discuss all of your options and guide you towards the one that makes the most sense for your smile.

To schedule your dental implant restoration consultation, please call 303-321-5656 today. Located in Cherry Creek, DeWitt Dental Associates welcomes patients from all surrounding areas of Denver.