Dental sedation provides a way for you to relax and ease your worries while being treated at the dentist’s office. A consultation with one of our experienced dentists is needed to determine if sedation may be right for you, but generally it may be a good option if one or more of the following statements applies to you:

  • You feel anxious and/or fearful during dental appointments.
  • You had a traumatic experience at the dentist’s office in the past.
  • You avoid scheduling even the most routine dental appointments because of how you feel at the dental office.
  • Your dentist has told you that you need several treatments performed in a single appointment.
  • You feel severe physical discomfort in the dental treatment chair, possibly triggered by tension or a very sensitive gag reflex.

We provide nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) for a mild sedative effect. We offer IV sedation for a stronger effect. Dr. Michael DeWitt is qualified to provide mild to moderate sedation, and we use the services of nurse anesthetist for deeper levels of sedation.

To learn more about sedation dentistry or to schedule an appointment with our experienced Denver sedation dentist in Denver, please call DeWitt Dental Associates at 303-321-5656. We are located in Cherry Creek and we are state-licensed to provide IV sedation dentistry.

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