There are a number of bad habits that can destroy teeth, but some of these habits may not immediately seem harmful. For example, brushing teeth too hard or using a harder-bristled toothbrush can remove enamel which, in turn, can increase risks for tooth decay and sensitivity, and cause significant discoloration. Soda and fruit juice can also remove enamel, resulting in the same problems as brushing too hard – and these aren’t even the worst habits for your teeth.

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Three of the worst habits for your teeth and oral health are:

  • Tobacco use – smoked or chewed, tobacco damages teeth and gums, and increases risks for oral cancer
  • Bruxism – tooth grinding can lead to TMJ, uneven tooth wear, bite irregularities, and tooth loss
  • Failure to maintain routine dental visits – even with a consistent home routine, biannual visits are necessary to maintain a strong and healthy smile

There are, of course, numerous personal habits that can impact the health and beauty of your teeth. During your visits to our office we will discuss these habits along with ways you can begin to take steps that protect the long-term strength and appearance of your smile.

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