At DeWitt Dental Associates, we believe in providing our patients with the technology and equipment that will make our dentistry services more effective, more comfortable and less invasive. One of the innovations we have chosen to incorporate at our practice is laser dentistry. Using a soft-tissue laser, our highly skilled dental hygienists and dentists can provide the most advanced dental care. To learn more about us and to schedule a consultation, please call us at (303) 566-4036.

The advantages of using a soft-tissue laser in dentistry include:

  • No incisions or sutures
  • No bleeding
  • Minimally invasive
  • Sterilizes as it works
  • Precisely targets certain tissue while leaving other tissue untouched

In the past, dentists often had to use scalpels for the same treatments we use lasers for today. The laser technology is vastly less invasive. There won’t be any excessive bleeding or swelling, and the laser cauterizes as it’s working, so sutures are unneeded. The laser is not painful, so for patients who have had bad dental experiences in the past, laser dentistry can be especially beneficial.

Laser dentistry is just one of the advanced techniques we use at our dental office. We want you and each of our patients to enjoy a comfortable experience free from dental anxiety and pain. We work to ease your anxiety with innovations such as soft-tissue lasers, and with the skilled and gentle care of our staff.

If you live in Denver, Englewood, Cherry Creek or the surrounding areas and are interested in learning more about our laser dentistry services and other aspects of our effective, gentle dental care, please contact DeWitt Dental Associates today.